What is our story?

The existential threat facing all of humankind, is upon us. Its incumbent upon all of us, to change the way we live to a 100% sustainable approach. Failure to do so will lead to an ever increasingly warming planet, on which the very fabric of life itself is reliant.

Our Vision: To have been a catalyst in the movement towards a sustainable planet.

Our Mission: To unite and educate humankind, through play, to stimulate the reversal of climate change.

Our Objective: For people to perceive Crunchtime as THE educational eco board game. 

Graham Dodridge, an information designer by training, realised the value of education in helping this generation and the next try to understand the cumulative effect of all their combined actions on the process of global warming. He concocted an educational game in the early naughties, whereby players firstly learn about the detrimental effects of their bad behaviours and subsequently beneficial effects of good behaviours.

Graham believes the gamification of education is a rapid way to disseminate the vital ‘how to’ behaviours to best affect change in people. Version 1 of Crunchtime was born in 2010 but only now does Graham believe the people of the world are truly ready to acknowledge and accept the facts and take action.


The Crunchtime team now including Lucy, Alison and Greg, is passionate about its crusade. Our mission is to unite and educated humankind, through play, to stimulate the reversal of climate change.