Who are we?

Crunch Time is an eco-educational board game that exists to educate and unite humankind to help reduce climate change. We do not believe enough is being done to combat the ongoing problem of climate change and global warming. 

We believe education is at the forefront of the solution to reducing the impact society has on the planet, and if that can be achieved in a fun and entertaining way, then all well and good.

The fact is, wherever we have been and whatever we have done, things must change.

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    Shopping locally benefits your pocket and your health. It also reduces the thousands of air miles that supermarket produce travels. Eat fresh, organic fruit and vegetables.

  • Shop wisely

    Beauty care contains harmful chemicals, and often the packaging cannot be recycled. Switch to waste free, recyclable packaging that contains natural and non toxic ingredients.

  • Shop less

    Over consumption damages our planet through the use of vital resources and excessive waste, not to mention the travel costs. Make a list of what you need and stick to it, to discourage you from unnecessary purchases.